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Yoga Therapy in BangaloreYoga therapy is about helping practitioners of Yoga with specific health challenges such as Back pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Diabetes, Asthama, High/Low blood pressure, Sciatica, Chronic headaches, Mental illness, Allergies, Digestive disorder, Immune disorder, etc.

Vinay is well known for Yoga therapy skills where he combines his knowledge of Yoga, Anatomy, physiology, and his work with energy healing aspects of Yoga, Acupressure, and Acupuncture to create a holistic experience for the practitioners to enable themselves to cure their ailments. As he wrote in his blog “Misunderstanding the pain” most of the physical pain such as Back pain, Neck Pain, etc are the results of years of misalignment of the body which is created due to misuse and lack of awareness. Health challenges could occur even due to distorted energy pattern in our being which is caused due to physical, physiological, mental, emotional, or spiritual reasons. With the right intervention of Yoga therapy techniques most of the ailments, whether occurring from the physical body(matter) or energetic body could be cured.

Vinay believes that nature when undisturbed will create a conducive atmosphere for healing/rejuvenation to happen. The therapist role is just to create the right conditions for self-healing to happen. In the world where there is a growing dependency on the medical professional, Yoga therapy training gives you an opportunity to take healing in your own hands. Sounds like a huge responsibility but it is definitely worth it!

Presently Yoga therapy training classes are conducted on one on one consultation basis at our center 

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Below are some of the testimonials of therapy participants.

Online Yoga Classes
May 12, 2020

Wanted to share my experience about my back pain, before and after joining Yogavijnana. I was having back pain since 10+ years and was trying to cut down the pain thru yoga,especially adapting to Surya namaskar. For few weeks it used to reduce but later pain gets more pain full and very uncomfortable and hence I used to stop the practice. Like this I attempted several times but the experience remained same. Friend of mine pulled me and made me take trial class at Yogavijnana. After the class, I started feeling comfortable. But due to my past experience, I was hesitant to spend time and money. Then I spoke to Vinay on this and told him that I will join the class only for three months and experiment my self. This time it worked…. I have no pain since 3+ months and forget pain, I am at ease in movements also, regular player of badminton player with my son and able to compete my 15 year old energetic son. So far my experience with Yogavijnana is, it is not just asana or surya namaskar you do but relaxation is very very important and this was made realize by Vinay. Not just relaxation but particular relaxation techniques for particular yoga asana is very important and breathing properly. I am very much comfortable with surya namaskar and my back now. To conclude, it is not just yoga that one should do but perceive it in appropriate way, continue the practice , and Vinay showed how to perceive it in a right manner. Thank you Vinay

Group classes, Yoga Therapy
May 25, 2016

Yogavijnana is one of the best yoga therapy centres I have come across so far. Vinay, the Yoga Guru at Yogavijnana, has initiated certain techniques to cure chronic pains in a scientific way. I had severe lower back pain due to disc prolapse, and now after taking yoga therapy classes, i am happy to say that my pain has drastically reduced. Thanks to Vinay’s healing hands. I would definitely recommend Yogavijnana for overall wellbeing and also to cure ailments.

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