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Yoga retreat near Bangalore by Vinay SiddaiahWant to spend your weekend with yourself? Imagine spending your weekend learning yoga to rejuvenate yourself! The ‘Yoga retreat’ is a perfect way to learn yoga, and relax during your weekends amidst serene nature outside Bangalore or at our center in Chandra layout. This 2-days retreat is targeted to working professionals who have limited time and who are willing to experience and incorporate yoga into their daily lives. The yoga retreat will cover many aspects of Yoga such as asanas, pranayama, mediation, etc. The classes will be for a longer duration but it will not be physically exhausting as the retreat will cover a lot of theory in order to make one understand the practice in greater detail. You can always schedule occasional private classes with us, later on, to clarify doubts and deepen the knowledge. Materials required for self-practice will be provided at the end of the retreat.

 Target audience:

  1. Working professionals who want to learn yoga but are unable to make time for long-duration courses
  2. Beginners who need an initial push to practice yoga
  3. Those who want to learn the basics of yoga to start practicing on their own
  4. Those who want to understand their postures better, so that they can correct them to get rid of chronic pains
  5. Those who want to rejuvenate their body and mind
  6. This is designed for beginners and intermediate practitioners
 In the interest of giving proper individual attention to all students, not more than 20 students will be allowed per batch.
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Workshop related FAQ:

1. Will continuous asana sessions be hectic?

The schedule is structured with an objective to enable participants to do self-practice based on what has been taught during the retreat. As such, with both theory and practice being done simultaneously, with more emphasis on theory, the session is not physically taxing.

2. Should I bring a yoga mat for the retreat?

 Yes, you should bring your personal yoga mat. Contact us for the recommendation.
 For any further queries please refer FAQ
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