Full moon meditation at YogavijnanaFull moon meditation is a powerful meditative practice that enhances the actual effects of meditation. Basically, during meditation, the mind of the meditator becomes a channel to receive the energies of divine light, love, and power. Although any time of the year is good for meditation, the energy cycles during the Full moon make the meditation process more easier and powerful.

The full moon has always been a sacred time for spiritual practices in many ancient religions and cultures for its magnifying effects on the earth and its people. Besides the calming and uplifting effects of meditation, many other benefits can be obtained through Full moon meditation, such as:

Deeper Purification – It has been observed that the waxing and waning of the Moon has a direct impact on the human mind and emotions. Often during the full moon period, people tend to get more sensitive and witness more emotional and relationship problems compared to normal times of the year. One of the means to neutralize such influences during the full moon is therefore practicing meditation and purification. Meditation in general helps to activate the crown chakra and bring down greater amounts of divine energy into the system, which is believed to be stronger during the full moon period. The effect is, not only improved physical and emotional health, but also clarity of mind, better self-esteem, and greater peace and happiness. Especially, if the meditation is done in a group, more divine energies will flow to the practitioners making it easier to have experiences that might be difficult to have, if done alone and during other times of the year.

Energy Anchoring- Meditation is done in any place, is said to anchor the divine energies that have been brought down, in that place. Especially Full Moon meditation if done in a group can even create a far greater effect as the group’s synergy can bring down more divine energy compared to individual practice. More so, when it is done under a Pyramid structure, as is the case at Yogavijnana which has a pyramid-shaped roof to facilitate the same. Repeated group meditation tends to anchor lots of divine energies in that place, which helps in the total wellbeing of the person.

Spiritual Empowerment – During the full moon, lots of divine energies enter the body through the spiritual cord, which acts as a communication channel between the person and the divine. Full moon meditation is one of the easiest avenues towards achieving it.

Recharged Body – Divine energy when received by the practitioner, will get absorbed by the energy body and the chakras, transforming their quality and improving their functions, and brings about greater physical health for the body. Furthermore, it increases the immunity and defense mechanism, which helps the body fight infection and various diseases in a better and more effective way, thereby providing more stamina and a recharged body.

At Yogavijnana we conduct Free Full Moon Meditation sessions every month. Please check our event calendar to know the schedule for the next session and register

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