Self-Practice Session

Self Practice sessionAccording to Ayurveda each one of us is different and unique as defined by our prakruthi (nature). As such,  we believe that a general group yoga class will not suit everyone’s prakruthi. On any given day, a practitioner’s physical, mental, emotional, philological state is different from others. In engineering terms,  this is called “boundary conditions”. Yogasasna is not just exercise but a very subtle process of manipulating one’s energy to create a positive impact considering the current boundary condition. We believe that regular classes are meant to only learn the practices and to apply them according to one’s boundary conditions in self-practice.

Also, if one is continually led through the practice, one’s capacity for growth will be restricted. We at Yogavijnana are committed to making one independent in practice so that eventually you will stop coming to the classes! That’s exactly why group classes are conducted only three days a week and one is given an opportunity to do self-practice on the other days. These classes form a part of your Yoga practice.

It may sound scary or impossible at the beginning! However, we have created enough tools to ensure that you adapt to the process smoothly. Vinay’s monthly talks are aimed towards guiding practitioners with all the knowledge required for self-practice.

At Yogavijnana, we believe that any step in the direction of freedom is worth it and this may even include freedom from one’s teacher! We constantly try to address all concerns and challenges related to self-practice to encourage  exploring the self through one’s own practice

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