Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes in BangaloreTraditionally Yoga was passed down from teachers to their students in one-on-one sessions where practice for every student was customized based on the student’s body type. In private yoga classes, practitioners will be the primary focus.

Benefits of Private classes:
  • We will identify the practitioner´s requirements and facilitate the practice sessions
  • One can opt for the pace at which one wants to grow
  • We spend adequate time to correct postures and work on body alignment
  • Helps one concentrate well, as a group class can be distractive at times.
 Best suited for:
  • Beginners who are hesitant to join group classes
  • Those looking for Yoga as a therapy for health-related issues such as Back pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Diabetes, Asthama, High blood pressure, low blood pressure, Sciatica, Chronic headaches, Mental illness, Allergies, Digestive disorder, Immune disorder, etc
  • An individual who feels to go deeper into Yoga practice, when even group class will be a hindrance for the practice

Note:  Priority for private classes will be given to –

  1. Those who need yoga as therapy
  2. Those who have completed our workshops
  3. Those who have attended at least 3 months of regular group class

Classes are given at the center and practitioners have to travel for the classes. No classes will be given at the practitioner’s home. A very rare exception can be made depending on the availability of resources.

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