bolsterYoga Bolster

Cotton Round Yoga Bolster is extremely durable and comfortable. They help in deep relaxation and also provide the necessary comfort and support to hold restorative poses for a longer duration. Our Round Bolster is extra dense and thick, weighing 3 kg.

Use of Bolster: They are used in many restorative asanas such as Supta baddha konasana, Vipareeta karani, supported forward bends such as Paschimottanasana etc

Length: 24 inch

Circumference: 28 inch

Cost: Click here for price list

To buy: Call us to check on availability prior to visiting us at our place in order to buy the props. We currently don’t have a shipping option. If you are staying in Bangalore you can Dunzo the props to your place.

Some of the usages of the Bolster are shown below

  • Supta Virasana bolster
    Using bolster in Supta Virasana
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