Yoga Approach

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Type of Yoga practiced at Yogavijnana

At Yogavijnana, we strive hard to understand the essence of the Yoga practice. We believe that although there are different types of Yoga, yet the ultimate result is one i.e self-awareness. The practice of Yoga techniques depends on the needs and temperament of the individual practicing it.

However, broadly the practice can be classified into two:-

  • Practice as a Therapy
  • Practice as Sadhana (Practice as an instrument in realizing one’s own Self)

The ideologies behind our approach to Yoga is as given below:

  • At Yogavijana, we believe that each one of us is a primary teacher with the Guru/Instructor being a secondary teacher. The Instructor is therefore considered a tool in one’s journey with a primary job of re-kindling the teacher with in all of us and as such, there is a lot of importance given to Self-practice.
  • There is a lot of importance given to alignment, and correction as eventually leads to a focused mind.
  • We use props to make sure that everyone is able to do the asana correctly regardless of their flexibility.
  • Sequencing of asanas in the classes is to encourage students in finding rhythm. Eventually practitioners have to learn to follow the natural instincts and go beyond sequences.
  • Theory is required but experience transforms us. We focus on creating the experience.
  • Yoga techniques is not to create competitive spirit but to create a spirit to follow the process which brings results because, competition isn’t meant for Yoga practitioner! To understand this one has to become a practitioner!

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