Trataka Workshop

The word Trataka means ‘Steady Gazing’. It means focusing the mind on one point, also a good technique to reduce stress and enhance peace of mind. Trataka is a method that involves alternately gazing at an object or point without blinking eyes, then closing the eyes and visualizing the object in the mind’s eye also called Chidakasha. The flow of thoughts in our brains is a continuous process. Due to this continuous chain of thoughts, 80 percent of our energy is lost and our central nerve system loses its balance. But with the regular practice of Trataka, gradually we start getting rid of unwanted thoughts and experience peace of mind. This in turn will help one develop more attention and mindfulness. With the Trataka practice, we start conserving more and more energy.

Trataka is a method of focusing the eyes and in turn the mind on the point. If the object of focus is external then it is called Bahir Trataka (outer gazing). If the object of awareness is internal, in which case it is called Antar trataka (inner gazing). There is also a combination of these two practices. Through this method, all the attention and power of the mind is channeled into one continuous stream. This allows the latent potential within the mind to spontaneously arise.
Some of the benefits are:
1. Increases Concentration
2. Reduce Stress
3. Relieves Insomnia
4. Cures eye diseases
5. Improves memory
6. Reduces anxiety
7. Increases mindfulness
8. Strengthens willpower
9. Purifies eyes
This is a detailed workshop to understand the practice and go deeper into the practice of Trataka. This workshop will be especially very beneficial for those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer and for students who are working on improving concentration.

The next 10-days Trataka workshop is planned from 24th January 2021 to 2nd February 2021 from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm IST all days. Please use the below link to register for the same.
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