Trataka Workshop

Trataka Workshop in IndiaThe word Trataka means ‘Steady Gazing’. It means focusing the mind on one point, also a good technique to reduce stress and enhance peace of mind. Trataka is a method that involves alternately gazing at an object or point without blinking eyes, then closing the eyes and visualizing the object in the mind’s eye also called Chidakasha. The flow of thoughts in our brains is a continuous process. Due to this continuous chain of thoughts, 80 percent of our energy is lost and our central nerve system loses its balance. But with the regular practice of Trataka, gradually we start getting rid of unwanted thoughts and experience peace of mind. This in turn will help one develop more attention and mindfulness. With the Trataka practice, we start conserving more and more energy.

Trataka is a method of focusing the eyes and in turn the mind on the point. If the object of focus is external then it is called Bahir Trataka (outer gazing). If the object of awareness is internal, in which case it is called Antar trataka (inner gazing). There is also a combination of these two practices. Through this method, all the attention and power of the mind is channeled into one continuous stream. This allows the latent potential within the mind to spontaneously arise.
Some of the benefits are:
1. Increases Concentration
2. Reduce Stress
3. Relieves Insomnia
4. Cures eye diseases
5. Improves memory
6. Reduces anxiety
7. Increases mindfulness
8. Strengthens willpower
9. Purifies eyes
This is a detailed workshop to understand the practice and go deeper into the practice of Trataka. This workshop will be especially very beneficial for those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer and for students who are working on improving concentration.

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Some of the feedback from previous Trataka Workshops

Trataka Workshop
September 12, 2020

Trataka workshop was a great course and I learned a lot which would benefit in my shooting. It was well structured and Vinay’s guidance was excellent. Vinay knew what are the factors that need to focus on and what are the factors that are okay to leave out for now and if it needs to be focused on later or just allow it to come. As most of the participants were professional shooters everyone approached the course with a similar objective. Overall a well-structured course

Trataka Workshop
February 3, 2021

Loved the course even though with my dry eye condition it was challenging. There has definitely been an improvement and that started after day 1 and continued till yesterday. I enjoyed my best walk with our dog yesterday- the first time in 2 years I have not been dabbing watering eyes and blowing my nose. The combination of the eye exercises and candle gazing, that I will continue on a daily basis, has done more in 10 days than 2 years of western “conventional” treatment. Thanks a million.

Trataka Workshop
February 5, 2021

When trataka workshop was announced in the group,the very first thing that caught my attention was that it will help alleviate insomnia. My sleep has been consistently inadequate for as long as I can remember. Each morning when I would wake up, I’d find myself wishing for more sleep. Since the day I started trataka, my sleep has improved significantly and I couldn’t be happier about it. What makes Trataka so effective in my case is that it has enhanced my energy and I am able to complete more things as opposed to earlier where my energy would just slump away. Trataka has helped me strengthen the awareness of my inner self. Since the first day of the workshop my experiences have been very subtle and intrinsically rewarding.

Vinay has been thorough with his instructions which lets you focus on every step of this workshop. It emphasises on learning about yourself and of awakening your willpower. Trataka has been a really great experience for me at an intangible level. I am left feeling blissful after every session and I hope to continue uncovering deeper verities with this practice. Thank you Vinay, thank you Yogavijnana for helping me in becoming the true version of my self.

Trataka Workshop
October 2, 2020

I came into hobby shooting when I was 45 years old, continued it seriously. I was fairly successful and became a renowned shot. But after attending Trataka workshop my concentration level has improved drastically and now I have a better understanding of focus and mind control.

Trataka Workshop
February 3, 2021

Vinay Thank you …am very happy for this wonderful  soulful session….helped me realize my inner strength…TRAATAKA has immensely supported and helped me meditate deeply…Glad I attended this!

With gratitude 🙂

Trataka Workshop
October 3, 2020

The Trataka practice improved my levels of patience a lot which has played a role in my shooting. Apart from that, I am now able to aim for a longer time without blinking or having watery eyes. By doing the Trataka practice continuously and regularly I have improved a lot since the day I started.

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