Rope Sirsasana belt in IndiaRope Sirsasana Belt

Sirsasana has many benefits but unfortunately for many students, it is one of the most difficult asanas to master. These belts are specially designed so that even a beginner can experience sirsasana and get the full benefit from it.

An exclusively designed yoga belt is made of 100% cotton and is wider to provide good support for your lumber in a firm manner while doing sirsasana. A wooden stick is used to lock the belt to the desired height. The height of the belt above ground level is easily adjustable by moving the wooden stick to the required position. Setting up and adjusting the wooden stick is shown in the photos. This design gives you the flexibility to do sirsasana using windows, stairs, chin-up bar in the gym, and many other supports. Pictures show the usage of these belts. You can hang upside down anywhere! So Happy Hanging!

Caution: Attempt this under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher

Length: 4 meters or 5.5 meters. 4 meters is required when you are using on window rails (6-7 feet from the ground) and 5.5 meters is required if you are using the belt from roof height (9 to 10 feet ground)

Width: 5 cm

Colour: White

The package includes only one belt. You need to buy two supporting wooden sticks from any hardware shop.

Cost: Click here for price list

To buy: Call us to check on availability prior to visiting us at our place in order to buy the props. We currently don’t have a shipping option. If you are staying in Bangalore you can Dunzo the props to your place.

Check out below video to know how to use the belt from the ceiling

Check out below video to know how to use the belt for windows

This belt can be used at different places as shown below

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