Yoga propes in BangaloreYoga Rope

Yoga ropes are made of 12mm diameter climbing ropes ready knotted with a ‘grapevine’ knot to form a handle. Ends of rope sealed are meant to prevent fraying. Rope can be used in many asanas, like forward and backward bending, leg stretches, binds in different positions, creating spinal extension & traction. They are most effective, versatile tool for developing strength and flexibility. Ropes can be easily fixed on to any window. Pictures show the usage of these ropes (Rope’s colour may vary from illustration).

Length:3.5 meter unknotted and 2.6 meter knotted

Colour: White

Cost: Click here for price list

To buy: Call us to check on availability prior to visiting us at our place in order to buy the props. We currently don’t have a shipping option. If you are staying in Bangalore you can Dunzo the props to your place.

Below YouTube video shows 18 different ways of using Yoga Ropes

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