Online classes


Being part of Group Yoga class: Online Classes usually apply to the practitioners who wish to be part of the Yoga class, but cannot make it due to some constraints such as distance, non availability of teachers nearby when relocated to a distant location or to a different city. Here, practitioners can login from the convenience of their homes during the regular yoga group class hours. We use state of the art technology to live-stream the classes online where in participants can even be part of the discussions happening during the class. However, the pre-requisite for this is that practitioners who wish to opt for this facility need to have compulsorily attended the regular group yoga classes for at least 2-3 months, or should have attended weekend workshop or Yoga retreat, as they need to get acquainted with the Yoga practices before enrolling for online classes. We recommend participants to keep basic set of Yoga props with them for the online classes which can be purchased at our centre.

Benefits of online Yoga class

  • Join Live streaming of Yoga session
  • Access to structured classes
  • Technology enabling you to interact and participate in Yoga center discussions
  • Periodic individual consultation with teacher
  • Cost effective compared to onsite classes
  • Save travel time to the center

Private class: We also take appointment for private classes on need basis depending on the schedule of the teacher.

Some testimonials from the practitioners who have taken our online classes

Online Yoga classes feedback from Ravi