Fundamentals of yoga workshop

Fundamentals to Yoga WorkshopThis Fundamentals to Yoga workshop is designed for beginners who don’t have any prior experience of Yoga and for experienced Yoga practitioners who are interested to explore the fundamentals in greater detail. Along with an overview of Yoga, the workshop will introduce the participants to the science of body alignment, the importance of right posture, the benefits of Yoga practice, and a sneak peek into the practice of yoga. We have a very scientific approach so as to appeal to a logical mind. This is a 3 hours workshop that includes 1.5 hours of theory and 1.5 hours of practice spread across 2 days or 1 day.

The goals of the Yoga workshop:

1. Enable one to make an informed decision about pursuing Yoga
2. Set the right foundation for Yoga practice and level set every practitioner who intends to practice at Yogavijnana
3. Creating awareness as to how and why Yoga streamlines the biomechanics of the human body.

Target audience:

1. Beginners of Yoga practice
2. Experienced Yoga practitioners who are keen to know more about body alignment
3. Those who want access to quality scientific/logical teaching of Yoga.

This workshop is mandatory for all those who willing to join group classes. Check the event calendar for the next Fundamentals of Yoga workshop dates.
We have already delivered talks in Google, Intel, TCS, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Yokogawa, Utopia etc

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