Annam Brahma - 2

“Annam Brahma” meaning Food is Brahman is a series of talks organized by the Yogavijnana Foundation to unlock of secrets of Food.  The course covers various aspects of food in details over a 6 lectures delivered by Vidwan Dr. M.A. Alwar. Below the to topics covered as part of the course

1.     Food as mentioned in the Upanishads

2.     Role of food in the spiritual evolution of the human beings

3.     Classification of food based on various criteria

4.     Preparation, consumption, and serving of food

5.     Food traditions in India esp South India

6.     The Role of food in the practice of Yoga

About Vidwan Dr. M.A. Alwar

Dr. M A Alwar is a renowned professor of Nyaya Sastra from Govt. Maharaja’s Sanskrit College, Mysore, Karnataka Sanskrit University. He’s been a current professor at the university for 20 years, teaching Indian Philosophy and logic texts at the graduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, he has been a research scholar for three years at the Indian Council of PhilosophicalResearch in New Delhi &in Rashtriya Sanskrit VidyapeethaTirupathi.

Being the current Hon. Project Director of Transdisciplinary University, Foundation for the revitalization of Local Health Traditions, Bangalore, he is known for the implementation of projects such as:

  1. Digital repository of medical manuscripts and books of Karnataka
  2. A comprehensive dictionary of Ayurveda from Sanskrit to English&Kannada
  3. Critical edition, translation, and publication of rare books of Ayurveda and traditional dietetics and other such projects

He is also an approved guide for M.Phil and Ph.D. students of the Karnataka Sanskrit University who is presently guiding 5 Ph.D. students and has successfully guided 1 M.Phil student.

Along with the said accomplishments, he is an Honorary Associate of the Samskriti Foundation, Mysore, and an Honorary Editor and Advisor for research projects such as:

  1. Preparation of a comprehensive dictionary of yoga
  2. Preparation of an electronic descriptive catalog of manuscripts dealing with science and technology
  3. Preparation of the history of the philosophy of Visistadvaita and other projects.

Last but not least, he has authored five books and has edited &published more than 50 books on various topics in his field of expertise.

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