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Yogavijnana derives its meaning from Sanskrit which means comprehensive knowledge about yoga. Founded by Vinay Siddaiah, an Ex IT employee with 12+ years of corporate experience, to provide scientific temperament to understand the inherent unity between the body, mind, and consciousness. “Yogavijnana – Center for Yoga, therapy, and Research”, is dedicated to spreading the science of yoga, by integrating concepts from both the medical and Indian scriptures. Yogavijnana is an ISO 9001:2015 certified center. 

Located in a calm and serene part of west Bangalore in Chandra layout, the center has a unique pyramid roofed Yoga hall to create greater positive energy inside the hall, thus making it a perfectly undisturbed and peaceful place for Yoga practice. 

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July 24, 2021

It’s been just 15 days since I joined Yogavijnana after attending Fundamentals to Yoga workshop and I wonder what took me so long to join this place (but as they say, better late than never 😊). I always felt I could never make time from my schedule to do any form of physical exercise or activity, but having joined Yogavijnana, I look forward to my 5:30 am batch every alternate day, skipping it is not an option and Vinay (founder and instructor) makes the whole experience worth it. Yogavijnana has a very serene feel to it, be it the location, the ambiance, the setup, the props or the instructor, and with the presence of like-minded people, Yogavijnana is a complete package in itself. The things that stand out here are the Discipline, the Method, the instructor’s involvement and the simplicity with which complex asanas are taught. If you had asked me 15 days back if I could do what I did today in terms of stretches, bends, pushes and pulls, I would have simply passed it as a joke, but in this short duration, I already feel my stamina has gone up, and it’s also made me aware of all the muscles and tendons in my body that I never knew I had (you get to know these next morning 😜🤣). Meditation is also a very important aspect in Yogavijnana. Recently, we had the Full moon meditation under the guidance of Vinay. The experience was richly stimulating as well as calming to the mind. Being a reiki master myself, I could really sense the intense positive energy in that environment, and it was intensified since we were right under the pyramid structure.


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