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Yogavijnana derives its meaning from Sanskrit which means comprehensive knowledge about yoga. Founded by Vinay Siddaiah, an Ex IT employee with 12+ years of corporate experience, to provide scientific temperament to understand the inherent unity between the body, mind, and consciousness. “Yogavijnana – Center for Yoga, therapy, and Research”, is dedicated to spreading the science of yoga, by integrating concepts from both the medical and Indian scriptures. Yogavijnana is an ISO 9001:2015 certified center. 

Vinay holds a Masters degree in Yoga and is a Level-4 (Yoga master) certified teacher from AYUSH ministry (Highest level for a Yoga teacher). He is also a certified Yoga Therapist from the AYUSH ministry and RYT-500 level certified teacher from the Yoga alliance. He is a long-term student of Iyengar Yoga, who has been teaching Yoga since 2010 and so far has trained over 2000 students worldwide. Located in a calm and serene part of west Bangalore in Chandra layout, the center has a unique pyramid roofed Yoga hall to create greater positive energy inside the hall, thus making it a perfectly undisturbed and peaceful place for Yoga practice. Check out our courses to know more about what we do. Yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners is thought.

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Swarupa Thimmegowda

Vinay ji it was a wonderful eye-opener regarding our breath and how to utilize it to calm down/ activate our thoughts, mind, and body… thank you so much… your each and every session like trataka and pranayama along with regular class teachings are so interlinked to each other and opens a different view to look towards body and mind… this time it was beyond that which is prana! Thank you for all the good work you do and the knowledge you share… 🙏

Vaidehi Srinivas

I am a senior citizen and regular student of Yogavijnana. Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama is regular in most of the sessions. We have a longer Pranayama session by Vinay, during the classes, in which a major portion is in Shavasana posture. Other Pranayama sessions we have occasionally. But this ‘Pranayama’ workshop is the most comprehensive. We got to understand all the Pranayama’s methodically, its benefits, exceptions, recommendations, and especially what is the correct way to do. Now we understood pranayama’s in one go and can also practice all of them in sequence. All the sessions were highly informative.   I had the best sleep, during these 5 days, which I had not experienced for quite some time. Back-end videos by Vinay are excellent, anyone can understand and correct themselves. Thank you, Vinay, I am greatly benefitted. Thanks. Vaidehi

Asha Acharya

Pranayam workshop was an amazing experience for me and I learnt a lot of minute details that I missed during weekly classes. Though we do a bit of Pranayam in the regular classes, the workshop was very helpful in fine-tuning each of the breathing practices and helped in calming the mind at the end of a busy day, in addition to regulating my breathing by the end of the last session. Looking forward to more workshops like this. Thank you, Vinay, for conducting this truly wonderful workshop

Hema Gopalan

Lots can happen over a cup of coffee, we have heard this often, 😀likewise lots can be understood about your prana (life force) and yama ( control) via this five day workshop. This gave me an in-depth penetration into my breathing , made me make modifications on how I breathe. Took us from a gross level of understanding about our breathing  to a subtler level . Realised Pranayama is more of a mind-control than a mere  breath-control. Thank you Vinay

Chandrakanth Roy Chowdhury

Thanks, Vinay Sir for such a wonderful 5-day session. I have a much clearer idea about Pranayama and the various techniques it involves. Moreover, the suitability of specific Pranayamas and a clear understanding of who should practice those and who shouldn’t be explained in a very clear manner. I am borderline hypertensive but after every session, I felt much lighter and energetic. Thanks a lot Vinay Sir. I know, I haven’t been a very disciplined student, but you have been extremely accommodative and patient. THANKS A LOT!! Kind regards!!

Karthik Subramanian

Namaste Vinay! Your efforts to spread awareness about yoga and the practices associated – Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation – are praiseworthy! The importance of practising the Asanas before the Pranayamas was well explained. You ensure that we understand our limitations and also don’t go overboard – “it is important to accept our limitations and on the other end also shed our ego!” You and your team have also backed up the explanation in the session with the reference material online, so that the doubts that we might have are all well clarified. Personally, I have enjoyed the silence of the practices and have become observant of my breath and trying to make subtle and gradual corrections. I am glad I enrolled for the session. I am looking forward to the follow-up sessions and hopefully find myself ready for Level 2 :~) Thank you, Vinay and your able team! I am glad I am part of Yogavijnana!

Hema Shankaran

It gave a complete idea about the following and also how to slowly implement all of these in our daily routine, ●  About how to practice pranayama
●  Complete picture of the sequence to be followed
●  How to connect with and understand better our body and mind
●  How to calm down by focusing on our breath without getting stressed with the various demands during the day to day activities
●  Observe and understand our reaction to the various stimuli around us and also to balance our reaction to it
●  And we have absorbed many more things subconsciously- correct posture while sitting .. can go on ..

Thank you very much

Vidya Rajesh

The pranayama workshop was an eye-opener. I went with the feeling that I will enjoy the workshop as I am a regular practitioner and am used to the regular Pranayama classes Vinay conducts. In the regular class, I used to feel a sense of calm after the pranayama session.

But this workshop was a whole new experience for me. I learned many advantages of pranayama and also got enriched by Vinay’s explanation of each pranayama and who can practice it and what are the prerequisites.

Especially the last day of the workshop was so good as Vinay took us through all the practices of pranayama one by one and allowed us to explore more.

After the workshop, I was definitely more informed and now can really observe my breath during my daily routine. Thank u so much Vinay. It was truly an enriching experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I highly recommend everyone to attend the workshop.

Sharath Kotian

It’s been just 15 days since I joined Yogavijnana after attending Fundamentals to Yoga workshop and I wonder what took me so long to join this place (but as they say, better late than never 😊). I always felt I could never make time from my schedule to do any form of physical exercise or activity, but having joined Yogavijnana, I look forward to my 5:30 am batch every alternate day, skipping it is not an option and Vinay (founder and instructor) makes the whole experience worth it. Yogavijnana has a very serene feel to it, be it the location, the ambiance, the setup, the props or the instructor, and with the presence of like-minded people, Yogavijnana is a complete package in itself. The things that stand out here are the Discipline, the Method, the instructor’s involvement and the simplicity with which complex asanas are taught. If you had asked me 15 days back if I could do what I did today in terms of stretches, bends, pushes and pulls, I would have simply passed it as a joke, but in this short duration, I already feel my stamina has gone up, and it’s also made me aware of all the muscles and tendons in my body that I never knew I had (you get to know these next morning 😜🤣). Meditation is also a very important aspect in Yogavijnana. Recently, we had the Full moon meditation under the guidance of Vinay. The experience was richly stimulating as well as calming to the mind. Being a reiki master myself, I could really sense the intense positive energy in that environment, and it was intensified since we were right under the pyramid structure.

Mary Whelan

I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and have recently completed the Teacher Training Course in Classical Hatha Yoga at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai. Since then I have registered for Vinay’s classes. I attended one of Yogavijnana’s fundamentals workshop weekends in June, and from that experience, I registered for online classes there for the year. I did this as I wanted to become more familiar with the asanas as I am new to Hatha Yoga and just recently qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher. So to enhance my knowledge and improve my ability to do the asanas properly I am now attending 3 classes a week. I really like the way Vinay teaches – he always includes philosophy and yoga teachings. The classes are very affordable and worth it. If you need motivation to keep up your practice and yoga knowledge give Vinay’s fundamentals workshop a go – it might be just the door you need to go through to keep practicing and stay motivated.

Swaraj Raman

I have been practicing yoga in Yogavijnana for the past three years. The journey personally has been amazing! Vinay emphasises more on understanding/discovering oneself through yoga. His classes have always been holistic. He guides you into very fine aspects of your body and mind. Yogavijnana also let me continue classes online when I moved to the UK. Very highly recommended!

Bindiya N N

When trataka workshop was announced in the group,the very first thing that caught my attention was that it will help alleviate insomnia. My sleep has been consistently inadequate for as long as I can remember. Each morning when I would wake up, I’d find myself wishing for more sleep. Since the day I started trataka, my sleep has improved significantly and I couldn’t be happier about it. What makes Trataka so effective in my case is that it has enhanced my energy and I am able to complete more things as opposed to earlier where my energy would just slump away. Trataka has helped me strengthen the awareness of my inner self. Since the first day of the workshop my experiences have been very subtle and intrinsically rewarding.

Vinay has been thorough with his instructions which lets you focus on every step of this workshop. It emphasises on learning about yourself and of awakening your willpower. Trataka has been a really great experience for me at an intangible level. I am left feeling blissful after every session and I hope to continue uncovering deeper verities with this practice. Thank you Vinay, thank you Yogavijnana for helping me in becoming the true version of my self.

Shilpa Srivatsa

Vinay Thank you …am very happy for this wonderful  soulful session….helped me realize my inner strength…TRAATAKA has immensely supported and helped me meditate deeply…Glad I attended this! With gratitude 🙂

Rick Durrant

Loved the course even though with my dry eye condition it was challenging. There has definitely been an improvement and that started after day 1 and continued till yesterday. I enjoyed my best walk with our dog yesterday- the first time in 2 years I have not been dabbing watering eyes and blowing my nose. The combination of the eye exercises and candle gazing, that I will continue on a daily basis, has done more in 10 days than 2 years of western “conventional” treatment. Thanks a million.

Aishwarya Bhaskar

It has been two months since I joined Yogavijnana, and I think it is one of the best things I have done during the lockdown. Fascinatingly, this institution provides a holistic approach. There is asana, meditation, pranayama, talk sessions, and many more. Mr. Vinay is doing a tremendous job in educating, encouraging, and motivating his students to be alert and aware of their bodies and minds. The deeper we understand the Yoga, the deeper we explore our life both internally and externally. I eagerly wait for full moon day meditation. The meditation sessions boost the energy level and help to balance internal and external forces. Only experiencing will let you know the body and mind. I also consulted Mr. Vinay personally for my hand pain, and he immediately advised me of some asanas.
Mr. Vinay has been taking a lot of initiative in conducting classes to understand and utilize Patanjali’s yoga sutra and observe them into our lives. His recent session on ‘Yama and Niyama’ was just wow. There is so much to learn, to experience, and to explore. Mr. Vinay encourages his students to take up talk sessions related to Yoga. It has been an excellent platform to learn and improve our communicative skills. I am looking forward to attending more sessions, attracting positive changes in my life, and being part of the Yogavijnana family!

Rohita Gotety

The Trataka practice improved my levels of patience a lot which has played a role in my shooting. Apart from that, I am now able to aim for a longer time without blinking or having watery eyes. By doing the Trataka practice continuously and regularly I have improved a lot since the day I started.

Chandrakanta Roy Chowdhury

I came into hobby shooting when I was 45 years old, continued it seriously. I was fairly successful and became a renowned shot. But after attending Trataka workshop my concentration level has improved drastically and now I have a better understanding of focus and mind control.

Chandankumar Ramakrishna

After practicing Trataka, my focus on foresight has improved. I can hold my sight alignment for longer duration without any thoughts. It was a great workshop. One of the meditative approach to shooting.

Vinaya Rajendra Patil

Vinay sir explains all concepts deeply. For me It was truly amezig experience to learn trataka. It’s too much beneficial for players and others too. I’m so glad that ,have got such a great golden opportunity. Whenever it’ll be possible, definitely I wish to visit the centre. Thank you so much Vinay sir.💐

Dhirender Singh Jamwal

Trataka workshop was a great course and I learned a lot which would benefit in my shooting. It was well structured and Vinay’s guidance was excellent. Vinay knew what are the factors that need to focus on and what are the factors that are okay to leave out for now and if it needs to be focused on later or just allow it to come. As most of the participants were professional shooters everyone approached the course with a similar objective. Overall a well-structured course

Mary Whelan

I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and have recently completed the Teacher Training Course in Classical Hatha Yoga at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai. Since then I have registered for Vinay’s classes. I attended one of Yogavijnana’s free workshop weekends in June, and from that experience, I registered for online classes there for the year. I did this as I wanted to become more familiar with the asanas as I am new to Hatha Yoga and just recently qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher. So to enhance my knowledge and improve my ability to do the asanas properly I am now attending 3 classes a week. I really like the way Vinay teaches – he always includes philosophy and yoga teachings. The classes are very affordable and worth it. By being a member of Yogavijnana I also get info on other things going on there – other classes, info sessions on different topics eg Ayurveda, etc that I would not normally hear about. It has opened a new, amazing and different world of yoga to me. Vinay led a 108 Surya Namaskaras the weekend of Poornima and I did it – this was my first time and I felt amazing after it. I actually didn’t think I would be able to do Surya Namaskaras for 2 hours, but the way Vinay led the group was so nice and made it possible to keep up. If you need motivation to keep up your practice and yoga knowledge give Vinay’s free workshop a go – it might be just the door you need to go through to keep practicing and stay motivated

Ramesh Mamadapur

Wanted to share my experience about my back pain, before and after joining Yogavijnana. I was having back pain since 10+ years and was trying to cut down the pain thru yoga,especially adapting to Surya namaskar. For few weeks it used to reduce but later pain gets more pain full and very uncomfortable and hence I used to stop the practice. Like this I attempted several times but the experience remained same. Friend of mine pulled me and made me take trial class at Yogavijnana. After the class, I started feeling comfortable. But due to my past experience, I was hesitant to spend time and money. Then I spoke to Vinay on this and told him that I will join the class only for three months and experiment my self. This time it worked…. I have no pain since 3+ months and forget pain, I am at ease in movements also, regular player of badminton player with my son and able to compete my 15 year old energetic son. So far my experience with Yogavijnana is, it is not just asana or surya namaskar you do but relaxation is very very important and this was made realize by Vinay. Not just relaxation but particular relaxation techniques for particular yoga asana is very important and breathing properly. I am very much comfortable with surya namaskar and my back now. To conclude, it is not just yoga that one should do but perceive it in appropriate way, continue the practice , and Vinay showed how to perceive it in a right manner. Thank you Vinay

Sanjana K

Yogavijnana has been the one of the best places for me to work on a ‘better me’. Our Master(Vinay Sir) at Yogavijnana, constantly teaches us to focus on the inward journey rather than the outward results. Yogavignana’s practice hall which is uniquely shaped as a pyramid gives us the benefit of concentrated energy and ambience for yoga practice which is unparalleled. The seminars and the introductory lectures which are conducted on a regular basis are very inspiring. All in all its definitely the perfect place to start off on an endless inward journey through yoga! 🙂

I have attended all the online classes in the last 2 years and it’s really good! It’s helping me get back to my 5 am routine easily. Audio and video quality is just amazing. It’s better than live class actually 🙂 and we get to practice from wherever we are. I highly recommend this to all those who want to take up online classes.

Pradeep Kumar Goshetty Basavarajappa

The online classes are going great. I missed attending your classes for a year now and it was great opportunity to learn from you online. With the best technology that you are using, with great video and audio quality with a robot following you all around the hall it is as good as we are actually present in the class. I am sure more people will start to benefit from this initiative of yours. Thanks.

Vinanth K

Why YOGAVIJNANA stands out for me – 1. Cordial, well learned, enthused and cool guru who’s a hard taskmaster too… 2. Calming ambience… 3. Scientific approach towards yoga just like the name of the place suggests… 4. Enriching workshops… 5. Learning is dynamic as every session is different and updated than the previous one… 6. Well equipped with props to ease the difficult asanas… 7. It’s less about the physical exertion and more about achieving synchronicity of body, mind and beyond… Last but not the least…Extreme value attached to discipline and adherence to time which is a primary requisite of any practitioner… Would want to list some negatives to make the review seem unbiased but couldn’t find any as my experience here has been extremely satisfying 🙂

Himanshu Shukla

Writing this review because, I Got YOGAVIJNANA through Google itself, so i don’t want anybody to miss it! So, let’s start (it would be bit long, please bear it, if you want to get 360 degree review):- – Decision making :- Before concluding anything about joining or not, shut all your thought process and just go and visit the centre and meet Vinay (teacher at the centre)……you will get all your answers, mostly visual and personal experiences are far better than machine learning (and goggling 😛 ) – About centre:- If you love nature and if you are aware of your surrounding, then I must mention that the centre itself is a model of creativity and innovation to learn from – starting with the aspects of painting/art, rainwater harvesting, eco-friendly practises(energy conservation, use of bamboo), soothing and relaxing ambiance. Overall the aesthetic appeal of the centre is charm spelling. – About teacher: – I got introduced to the world of Yoga through Vinay. Believe me, if you are even a bit serious about learning YOGA, he will make you learn all the aspects of YOGA (philosophical, physical, etc )…you just need to follow him with a participative approach (not following blindly ). He challenges your thought process at all the level and he himself participates with the inquisitiveness of a student (and not as a teacher). He does not believe in spoon feeding, so he focuses on keeping a proper balance of teaching and self-practise. – Personal touch: – to everyone is a special focus. And with the art of using ‘props’, your yoga practise will get revolutionised. Just, you should be ready to learn and experiment with a beginner’s mind-set. Don’t bring your ego in between! – Unique experience:- With my experience of 1.5 years, YOGAVIJNANA should not be called ‘a yoga learning centre’, rather it should be called ‘an extended family’ and a platform -where we not only learn YOGA, but we also develop our personality, interpersonal skills and a special bond with all the fellow members at the centre. There many events, (u can check on website or at centre- silent treck, guided full moon meditation, Talks on wide field of areas, story telling sessions,etc) which give you different exposure about different aspects of life (Basically it’s a kind of TED community in its own unique style) – My learning till now: – I am learning various types of asana and understanding all the aspects of YOGA- especially how to link philosophical and spiritual aspects while doing Asana and not just focusing physical aspect. (But yes those who want to know about only physical aspects, for them I must mention– my concentration, balancing, keeping myself calm, reducing anxiety, enjoying everything in surrounding, flexibility…..etc ..etc has improved A LOT !!!! ) – Student friendly :- being a student myself, I know what things we need and face during studies and preparing for competitions. So, in that sense too, it has helped me a lot (Since Chandralyout and Vijayanagr is growing with student’s population, I am mentioning this— ‘’don’t think much … will change your perspectives and life, if you are serious to learn things from surrounding)… And also there is special package for students..

Manasa Lokanath

Its been a year since I joined the “Yogavijnana Family” and I must say that it has been a fantastic journey ! From the pyramid shaped architecture of Yogavijnana studio, to the props used, the mandatory introductory classes, mandatory introductory talk (before joining regular classes), the way each sessions are designed and most important session timings(which starts on dot), every single thing is given utmost importance and engineered to perfection by yoga guru Vinay Siddaiah. No matter what, classes starts on time and anybody late will have to go back ! Yes, ofcourse it was quite annoying for me initially, but then now am in total agreement with it, also I get the reason behind it ! We are encouraged to experiment than just following what is taught by Vinay during the classes and come up with queries.

Vinay would be more than happy to address them. Sometimes classes are designed to practically address the queries, also at times it has happened that Vinay has got into months of research just to answer our queries, which obviously depicts Vinay’s commitment towards yoga and teaching. It doesn’t end with yoga classes! You join “Yogavijnana” and an entire new world of enthusiastic people from varied backgrounds/ experiences opens up for you ! Various activities keep happening throughout the year. Listing down some of them …

-> Monthly talk by yoga guru Vinay on various topics related to yoga on second Saturday.
-> Monthly talk by Dr. Swaroop on various topics related to yoga/wellness/psychology on third Sunday.
-> Various events like “Make your own Ganesha”, talk/demo on gardening, talk on health/wellness, story telling sessions…. etc will be conducted by experts from the domain.
-> Events on special occasions like Independence day, International yoga day, gurupoornima etc. Some of the events in the past I have been part of .. -> Independence day 2017 – deweeding and planting of trees at Shivahalli forest.
-> International yoga day 2017 – Yoga flash mob in and around parks of chandralayout. This was an amazing and fun experience.
-> 108 Surya namskara session on Gurupoornima
-> Slient trek — better experienced than explained !!! 🙂 ………. and the list just goes on… Yoyavijnana is the place for anyone looking out to study/practice yoga as a science, as a way of life than mere fitness purpose!

Dipankar Roy

I found your approach to introducing Yoga very easy to follow. You explained some basic premises and that was very helpful. Both scientific and philosophical approaches were easy to follow

Suhas Deshpande

The 10-day Yoga workshop was a perfect package to get introduced to (or in my case, re-introduced to) the basics of practicing Yoga. It is a comprehensive workshop that covers a broad array of topics, from theory to practice to philosophy to the right attitude to get the maximum benefit out of Yoga. The workshop had a broad outline to cover all the basics, and then enough flexibility to be customized and tailored for individual student needs. It was a pleasure attending the workshop and being guided and mentored by as accommodating a teacher as Vinay. And the materials and instructions would help conscientious students continue to get the best out of the workshop long after it concludes. Thanks Vinay!


Manjula Reddy

The experience at Yogavijnana is very enriching which helped me in discovering myself by getting involved in yoga practices. I understand the true meaning of yoga through our instructor. Vinay is very efficient in spreading the awareness of being conscious by regular practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation.


Serene Banerjee

I attended Vinay’s workshop at HP Labs, on the initiative of one of our colleagues, Praphul Chandra, who practices with him for the last one year. The best part of the workshop was a scientific explanation of how we can train our body and mind to think together. The subsequent philosophical explanation was also well presented. This followed a practical demonstration of how we can incorporate Yoga in every moment of our lives. So, it is not that we have to reserve an hour every day, and work on it, but his useful tips helped me to understand, how I can always mindfully practice wherever I am. He showed a few postures that we can do even sitting at our desks, and that was very helpful. I would highly recommend his workshop to everyone who is interested in a scientific understanding of Yoga. I wish Vinay all the best in his teachings and practice.

Kalyan Talpuri

Its an excellent learning experience. Starting from perfect standing posture till Sarvangaasana, the techniques taught are awesome. The explanation on using Props was very convincing and made lot of sense and actually it improved the postures. The talks on Ayurveda, body composition, and tips on aligning body type with nature and overcoming any challenges are very helpful. From my personal side, I have seen major improvements in my Karate training, improvement in pain reduction. his is highly recommended course because it follows simple yet most effective principle ‘ Get the basics and foundation right ‘.


Praphul Chandra

Vinay has been my yoga-guru for more than a year now. I have been guided by other instructors before but two of Vinay’s qualities stand out for me. First, he believes more in you than you do in yourself: He pushes you, encourages you and motivates you to move to the the next level. For me, this was a big advantage since it allowed me to try out asanas which i thought i was not capable of. Second, he thinks scientifically about Yoga too – thus, reinforcing your belief in yoga as more than an exercise. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors with Yoga.


Gaurav Sharma

Vinay’s precise, consistent and disciplined style of teaching has enabled me to make great strides in my ability to execute and understand my Yoga poses. After every class, I feel that both my mind and body have learned something new as Vinay brings a new combination of asanas in every class, and this I believe is his greatest differentiation. His classes are creative and I always want to go back as I know he will bring something new to class every time


Sudhir Shivaram

A sedentary desk job during the week and active wildlife photography during Weekends proved to be disastrous to my back and neck, and I suffered from constant back pain. Having started Yoga under Vinay’s tutelage has been immensely beneficial. For more than a year now, I have been free of all back problems. Vinay is very methodical in his teaching and very attentive. This helps us understand what we are doing. He has slowly and gradually eased me into attempting complicated ‘asanas’ which in turn has improved my strength and posture. I would highly recommend his classes to all, regardless of age, occupation and fitness levels.


Narendra V

“I have been practicing and teaching Yoga, Pranayama for over 6 years to quite a few who are closer to my home. However, I was keen to join Yoga Sessions organised by TCS, with an objective for me to learn newer aspects which I was not aware. This session has helped me in fine tuning many nuances, understanding correct postures, use of many Props and techniques to arrive at correct postures, etc. These sessions would be very useful for those venturing in to Yoga. I would recommend everyone to take advantage of these sessions. Mr. Vinay has been a wonderful human being, well versed in Yoga teaching techniques. I am sure those who are interested will benefit from the Yoga Sessions.


Vidhya Ramprasad

Undoubtedly, Vinay belongs to that rare breed of Yoga instructors who can pull together movement, breath, posture, ayurveda, spirituality and philosophy in one go. The sequences of asanas that are integrated into each session can accommodate students of all levels and is perfectly balanced in addition to challenging each student both physically and mentally. His ability to connect with the students is unparalleled, making his teaching that much more effective. As impressive as his yoga instruction is his expansive knowledge about the history of yoga, anatomy and asanas My experience with his style of Yoga training has left me dazzled and inspired to explore further into the realm of Yoga. He teaches with an open heart and soul and allows everyone in the room to relax and get comfortable with the complex asanas. Vinay’s penchant for technical perfection in the postures makes you challenge your physical and mental territories while he generously shares his energy and knowledge without expectation or judgment. I would highly recommend him to all those practitioners of Yoga regardless of whether they are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner as he has this uncanny ability to understand your body, its limitation, and strength and will work with you to help you deepen your practice. If you have the opportunity to learn with him it will be a one of the best gifts you can give yourself!
.with great admiration

Anand Raghavendra

There is a saying “If student has intense desire/passion to learn, Guru will find the student”. This is applicable truly for Yogavijnana centre which teaches yoga for keen aspirants at a very subtle level making a progressive inner journey within. Yoga is not about complicated bending/twisting the body, it’s all about way of life, increasing our awareness in daily life. Vinay teaches the asanas at a very subtle level using the concepts of Vipasana, performing each asana as a meditative experience. There is no Guru/Student hierarchy here and everyone are treated as part of the single family with lot of events helping in the growth of individuals and society. Vinay is easily approachable for any of the queries related to Yoga and gives lot of his time to explain the core concepts. Thanks Vinay for sharing wisdom of yoga to all of us… Keep Exploring.. keep Sharing….

Isis Roux Pagès

Bright and friendly energy, warm atmosphere and serious quality yoga, using props. Style is closed to Iyengar and Yogavijnana also organises activity like silent treks, pranayama sessions, talks on Ayurveda, etc. 100% recommended.

Vaishali M R

Yogavijnana is one of the best yoga therapy centres I have come across so far. Vinay, the Yoga Guru at Yogavijnana, has initiated certain techniques to cure chronic pains in a scientific way. I had severe lower back pain due to disc prolapse, and now after taking yoga therapy classes, i am happy to say that my pain has drastically reduced. Thanks to Vinay’s healing hands. I would definitely recommend Yogavijnana for overall wellbeing and also to cure ailments.

D Satya Prakash

I Came to know that Yoga is not only related to our body it engineers our life style. It is one of the rarest training centers which i have come across… Thanks Mr. Vinay

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